Good Health Source Snippits

Alcohol Drinking
Did you know that you are less likely to suffer a hangover when you're older? Alcohol damages the brain's nerve cells, causing it to swell and give you a headache. But your brain shrinks with age - this means there is more room for the brain to expand when you drink.

Healthy Eyes
Peaches are high in lutein which protects the eyes against conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. Try this recipe:
Blend one large peach, 50g raspberries, 125ml soya milk, 20g of almonds - and drink!

Fish Oil
It is thought that fish oil may speed the rate of recovery after surgery. Patients given daily spoonfuls of the oil, for four days after major surgery, had lower levels of inflammation. The patients also spent 25% less time in intensive care if they were given fish oil.

The tests were carried out at Munich University. It is thought that fish oils trigger compounds within the body which control inflammation.

Parkinson's Disease
A study in the U.S. shows a link in Parkinson's Disease to an insufficient level of Vitamin D. Researchers are not sure though whether a lack of Vitamin D is a cause of the disease or arises as a result of the disease.

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