Simple Diarrhoea Cure

Here is a simple cure for Diarrhoea:

Blend two apples, half a cucumber and a stick of celery.

Drink liquid.

Why It Works:
Apples are rich in pectin, a form of soluble fibre that absorbs water in the bowel, reducing diarrhoea. Cucumber will help re-hydrate the body.


Natural Penis Enlargement

PenisAdvantageHow to strengthen your erection and gain control over when you reach orgasm by Roger of PenisAdvantage.

As you no doubt already know, millions of men and women alike obsess over the subject of penis size. You see jokes on TV referencing the issue, overhear people in the street discussing the topic, and read – on a daily basis – of the displeasure and embarrassment of men with small penises in the columns of dozens of magazines. So it pretty much goes without saying that penis size is an internationally popular subject of debate.

So, what can us men do about what we have down south? And what do women really want from us and our members? Is it sheer size they want? Length? Girth? Both? Neither?

The whole thing’s a quagmire of uncertainty and guesswork – at least, on the surface. You see, when you actually ask women (under the right circumstances!) what matters to them regarding their sexual partner’s penis size, you get some interesting and pretty encouraging answers.

First off, a large portion of women do love BIG penises, simply because of the pleasure that they can so often bring. The majority of women aren’t size queens, however, but DO universally look and hope for two definite attributes in the penis of their potential partners, neither of which relates to size.

The first can be classified as 'power' and 'strength', the second is lasting power.

Power and strength in a penis is shown through it’s hardness when erect and the angle at which it points. A weak erection is quite soft and droopy, a powerful erection, full of strength, is the opposite: rock hard, meaty and robust – and it’s what women crave, and savour when they encounter it.

Lasting power, as you can probably guess, is quite simply an ability to use that rock hard erection for a long enough time period, without ejaculating too soon.

So, how can a guy improve his penis strength and give it more weight and power and an improved angle of erection? The answer lies in a simple exercise, performed every other day of the week for a couple of months. Its effectiveness is noticeable in just a couple of weeks, but its true capability can produce amazing results that last a lifetime.


Step 1: Massage yourself to a full erection.

Step 2: Place a LIGHT flannel or wash-cloth onto your penis near the base.

Step 3: ‘Tense’ your penis so it bobs gently, lifting the towel a little. Tensing and releasing once constitutes one repetition.

Step 4: Do up to 25 reps, but stop if you feel you can’t do that many. Do 25 reps every other day of the week for a few weeks.

Once you’ve been performing towel hanging for a while, you’ll notice 2 main results: First, your penis will be rock hard when you have an erection, veins will be more noticeable and it will look and feel weightier. Many men even report an added half inch in length and girth due to the increased blood flow to the penis. Second, your ability to hold back from ejaculating while masturbating and having sex will be massively increased. The reason for this is because you’re exercising your PC muscle when you do towel hanging, which is central to the functioning of your penis and is also what triggers ejaculation prematurely when it’s unfit and un-toned.

Roger is a ‘personal trainer’ at PenisAdvantage – a site containing a guide that details exactly how any guy can enlarge his penis using natural exercises and techniques, as well as how to improve their sexual performance, restore their foreskin or correct a curve in their erect penis.

The Top Ten Muscle Building Tips

Muscle Gaining Secretsby Jason Ferruggia

1. Lift weights for no more than three to four days per week. Doing so is not only unnecessary but can quickly lead to over-training, especially if you are doing other physical activities such as cardio or playing recreational sports on a regular basis.

2. Limit your workouts to 30-45 minutes and 15-20 total sets. If you can't build muscle and gain strength in that time frame then I’d say you are half assing it. You have to remember that results are greatest when energy levels and mental focus are at their highest. That is during the first 30-45 minutes of your workout. Going beyond that point causes both of these to plummet.

3. Use big, compound exercises and lift heavy. Deadlifts, military presses, squats, bench presses, rows and chin ups should always be the main focus of your muscle building workout programs. These have been the best muscle building exercises since the beginning of time and that will never change.

4. Continually try to get stronger and always track your progress with a training journal. Progressive overload is the most basic but often forgotten principle in weight training. It states that to make progress you need to constantly increase the amount of weight you lift. Follow this rule and you will get bigger and stronger. Ignore it and you will get nowhere. If you are benching 225 right now, you better be benching 315 by this time next year if you want to build muscle.

5. Train with a multitude of rep ranges. Doing this allows you to target both slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers and maximizes your muscle building capabilities. Reps from 1-20 should be used to target both fast twitch and slow twitch fibers.

6. Always change your weight training program every 3-4 weeks. After 3-4 weeks on the same program you will start to burn out and your results will slow down. To keep your body in a muscle building state, be sure to change your workouts frequently. If you have been lifting for several years, this may need to be done every two weeks because you will adapt more rapidly to the same stimulus.

7. Make a serious commitment to eating. Proper nutrition plays a huge role in your muscle building efforts. Without adequate calories you will never grow optimally. Force feed yourself if you have to and be sure to time your carbs correctly, meaning around training and at breakfast, while cutting them out at night if you want to stay lean while building muscle.

8. Be sure to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep per day and take naps whenever possible. When you are sleeping is when you are building muscle. Sleep is the time when you recover and grow. Without adequate sleep you will never reach your true potential and your muscle building efforts in the gym may be wasted. Do not overlook this important factor.

9. Utilize recovery methods. Training and eating properly are not enough to ensure the fastest muscle building results. You also have to be sure to use whatever recovery methods you can to accelerate your progress. Some of these include taking contrast showers or baths after training, stretching after training and on off days, icing, using foam rollers and whatever else you can think of to help you recover faster.

10. Find a good training partner. While I left this for last on the list it may, in fact, be the most important factor of them all. Without a good training partner your results will always be less than what they could be. It is imperative that you try to find someone to push you and to compete against if you really want to take your muscle building efforts to the next level.

Jason Ferruggia is a world famous fitness expert who is renowned for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible. He is the head training adviser for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he also has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building. For more great muscle building information, please visit Muscle Gaining Secrets.

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Reiki Secrets Revealed

Reiki secrets revealedHere's an ebook that purports to 'completely explains all the Reiki secret techniques and secret procedures to train others up to Reiki Master and beyond but more importantly its a key learning guide to facilitate Mastering Reiki and the Master Symbols.'

The writer says that:
The information I will 'directly reveal' to you in the e-book is what usually makes the cost of typical Reiki Master training to be over $500(or more), this figure used to be a fixed $10,000 until quite recently for all new Reiki Masters.

If you are fascinated by the spiritual healing that Reiki can bring about you can get further information by clicking here.

Reiki teachings claim that there is an inexhaustible, universal 'life force' spiritual energy, that can be used to induce a healing effect. Believers say that anyone can gain access to this energy by means of an attunement process carried out by a Reiki Master.


Look Years Younger With The Master Cleanse

Why Bother With The Master Cleanse?
by Fiona Peters

Master CleanseThere's a lot of buzz surrounding the Master Cleanse. Lately it seems like every Hollywood actress or actor who needs to get in shape is turning to this decades old health system that involves drinking a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

With all the diets out there to choose from why would anyone bother with the Master Cleanse?

There's two main reasons people like the Master Cleanse. The first (and most obvious) is that it works. The results people are getting with the Master Cleanse border on miraculous, and they are backed by thousands of devoted users who are living testimonials to the effectiveness of the Master Cleanse.

The second reason people choose the Master Cleanse over other diets and wellness programs is that it's fast. The typical person only spends 10 days on the Master Cleanse, compared to other diets that can last months or even years you can see why they choose the Master Cleanse.

Another interesting thing about the Master Cleanse lasting just 10 days is that you only need a short term burst of will power to get through it. Having to sacrifice for months is what makes other diets so hard to stay on, but most people can will their way through 10 days.

What can you expect from 10 days on the Master Cleanse?

Even though most people are going on the Master Cleanse to lose weight quickly, there's many other health benefits to be gained by doing the Master Cleanse. Flushing out your system is what the Master Cleanse is really designed to do. Even back 60 years ago when the Master Cleanse was first invented people had health problems as a result of waste building up inside of them. Today with processed foods, pollution, and all around poor diets our bodies desperately need to be flushed out every once in a while.

When you flush out your body with the Master Cleanse the waste you eliminate will be abnormal. The smell, color, and texture of the waste that comes out of your body shocks some people, so you should be prepared.

If you want to try the Master Cleanse there's more you need to know then just drinking the lemonade mixture for 10 days. In fact most people who try the Master Cleanse without knowing all the steps fail. If you think the Master Cleanse is something you would like to try there's a good book here that you should read before starting the Master Cleanse because it covers the common problems people face, and how to avoid them.

You will find the recipe of the Master Cleanse here.

Beyonce Knowles announced on the Oprah Winfrey show that she hd lost 20 pounds on the Master Cleanse!


Good Health Source Snippits

Alcohol Drinking
Did you know that you are less likely to suffer a hangover when you're older? Alcohol damages the brain's nerve cells, causing it to swell and give you a headache. But your brain shrinks with age - this means there is more room for the brain to expand when you drink.

Healthy Eyes
Peaches are high in lutein which protects the eyes against conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. Try this recipe:
Blend one large peach, 50g raspberries, 125ml soya milk, 20g of almonds - and drink!

Fish Oil
It is thought that fish oil may speed the rate of recovery after surgery. Patients given daily spoonfuls of the oil, for four days after major surgery, had lower levels of inflammation. The patients also spent 25% less time in intensive care if they were given fish oil.

The tests were carried out at Munich University. It is thought that fish oils trigger compounds within the body which control inflammation.

Parkinson's Disease
A study in the U.S. shows a link in Parkinson's Disease to an insufficient level of Vitamin D. Researchers are not sure though whether a lack of Vitamin D is a cause of the disease or arises as a result of the disease.


How To Stop Bad Breath With Yogurt

Bad Breath ReportIf you’ve read The Bad Breath Report, you already know that hydrogen sulfide (which smells like rotten eggs!) is one of the main Volatile Sulfur Compounds, or “VSCs”, produced in 85-90% of bad breath cases.

In a study detailed at the 83rd General Session of the International Association for Dental Research, Dr. Kenichi Hojo of Tsurumi University in Yokohama, Japan, found that sugarless yogurt significantly reduced the levels of oral hydrogen sulfide in 80% of participants.

The 24 volunteers who partook in the study followed strict instructions on oral hygiene, diet and medication intake. The participants first avoided all yogurts for 2 weeks and then had samples of VSCs taken from their mouths. They then ate 90-grams (about 3 ounces) of sugarless yogurt twice-a-day for 6-weeks.

At the end of the study, more samples were taken and a significant reduction in hydrogen sulfide levels was discovered in 80% of participants.

It was postulated that active bacteria in the yogurt, specifically Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus effectively drowned-out the bacteria responsible for producing the hydrogen sulfide.

While that doesn’t effectively address the root cause of bad breath (as explained in The Bad Breath Report), it does show fighting bad breath doesn’t have to be unpleasant. After all, what could be more pleasant than a pot of tasty yogurt every day!?

To apply findings of this study, simply…

Eat about 3-ounces of sugar-free yogurt containing live cultures of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermopholis (Check the labels!) every day!


Body Hair Removal Recipe

Body hair removalI'm not sure if this is strictly in the good health category but body hair growth is thought of as a problem to be dealt with by lots of women and also men. Lots of time and effort are spent on hair removal.

I have come across, something that may help - the Super Hair Inhibitor Recipe.

It's a recipe that you can make up at home and it is claimed that this home hair inhibitor can stop hair growth.

What you do is simply make up the recipe, from natural ingredients, and then rub this on your skin before you go to bed, after taking a shower, when you wake up, or anytime you want.

And that's it! That's all that's needed for hair removal. It's not an overnight miracle hair eliminator, but it's claimed that continuous use eliminates most unwanted hair.

For further details please click here


The Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Holly Hayden writes:

Holly HaydenIf you've tried many types of hemorrhoid treatments then you probably understand the differences of how each is used. In this article, I'll go over what each of them do for the body, how they intend to treat hemorrhoids or piles, and the controversial, raw truth on most of them.

The first popular type is creams and ointments where a topical treatment is rubbed on your outer rectal area and aims to soothe blood vessels. This creates a relaxation of the tissue so that it does not bulge out so much. Once the tissue does not bulge, the hemorrhoids will be less likely to flare up. This is great for some relief in the temporal matter but unfortunately you are practically guaranteed to flare up again.

The 2nd type that is very popular as well in the form of suppositories which is inserted inside the rectum for the purposes of delivering moisture to the hemorrhoid and creating a lubricating effect once the next rectal pressure comes. The aim is to ensure the hemorrhoid heals without rupturing again. For some it works well, for others not so but it's worth seeing.

The 3rd type is pills where one can consume that regulate some blood pressure in the system. This can have its side effects but overall it's used to tighten vein tissue so that the hemorrhoid is less susceptible to problems. It's a very top down approach that has its benefits but can also induce real side effects and big pharmacies like to push this.

These three types are the most common and once these are exhausted, you still have options such as cryotherapy or surgery. It all depends on the individual case and what you can tolerate. In my personal experience, it's best to first try the safer options before going to the extreme measures. Even if the pain is unbearable, you can still use relief from these methods. It’s just not pleasant long-term either.

Now, not all hope is lost. I do have one solution that has surprised me pleasantly. I’d like to review a totally safe, natural remedy that works within a few days. It’s called the H Miracle Sytem.

It’s already been proven by hundreds, if not thousands of success stories in the underground fashion of alternative medicine. The system includes ingredient resources, charts, audio lessons and basically everything you need to cure your hemorrhoids one and for all. I really recommend it and just see the testimonials from users who have triumphed even severe hemorrhoids for good.

Once again, see the free report on this at: H Miracle - Nature's Method To Cure Hemorrhoids


St Johns Wort May Help With Depression

St Johns Wort for depressionResearch has now shown that the herb St John's WortSt John's Wortdoes have mood lifting powers.

In fact scientists have now found that hypericum perforatum - popularly known as St.John's Wort - is just as effective as Prozac at treating depression.

In the UK it is hoped that doctors' will now start to prescribe St. John's Wort. In Germany it is commonly given to children and teenagers.

The study, headed by Dr Klaus Linde from the Centre for Complementary Medicine in Munich, based his results on a pool of 29 studies involving 5489 patients with mild to moderately severe depression.

St John's WortSt John's Wortis shown to have less side effects than depression drugs. It should not be used, however, by patients on blood thinners or other anti-depressants.

There is a range of St. John's Wort products on Amazon here.St John's Wort


Banish ADHD ADD Naturally Without Drugs

ADHD Natural Remedy reportA medical doctor, Dr. Scott Saunders, writes of how 'you can banish hyperactivity, cure inattention and end the ADD / ADHD nightmare for good - safely, naturally and without the use of drugs.'

He goes on to explain:

"Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly referred to as ADHD, is a developmental disorder that affects approximately 5% of children worldwide, and continues to affect many adults throughout the entirely of their lives.

While it’s often treated and medicated as a disease (such as diabetes,) ADD/ADHD is actually what we in the medical field call a “spectrum disorder.”

What that means is that the symptoms and the causes of ADD/ADHD range wildly from child to child . . .

While some children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD show just a subtle inability to pay attention, others fidget madly, bounce off the walls and experience bouts of terrible, terrible hyperactivity.

For some children ADD/ADHD is caused primarily by inherited genetic factors . . .

While other kids experience ADD/ADHD symptoms due to diet, hormonal imbalances or even allergies."

You can read Dr. Saunders' ADHD / ADD Natural Remedy Report by clicking here.


A Free Do-It-Yourself Remedy For Eczema

Eczema is a skin inflammation causing itching, scaling or blisters. Here's a 'do-it-youself' remedy that may help.

Step 1. Apply a cold compress to stop the itching and general discomfort.

Step 2. Mix a teaspoon of nutmeg with water and apply to the problem area.

Step 3. The mixture stimulates blood flow, improving healing.

Step 4. Wash off after twenty minutes and apply vitamin E oil to help the skin heal.

Also see Cure Your Eczema.


How To Cure Excessive Sweating

All-Natural Cure for Excessive Underarm Sweat (Hyperhidrosis) Discovered
Good Health Source: preventsweating.com

If you are one of the estimated 8 million Americans currently suffering from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, you may be very interested to know that an all-natural cure for excessive underarm sweat has been discovered.

It’s true – and the cure’s creator, Mike Ramsey, himself a hyperhidrosis sufferer, has just published an ebook detailing his simple three-step, all-natural plan that is designed to stop excessive underarm sweating in two weeks or less. So far the treatment plan has proven to be effective for 96% of those who have tried it, Ramsey added.

Stop sweatingIn Stop Sweating and Start Living Ramsey fully describes his practical and unique treatment approach that permanently gets rid of a person’s excessive underarm sweat problem – naturally and without side effects.

Ramsey's process is made up of three simple steps, takes less than 1 minute a day to complete and relies on readily available and inexpensive products.

Ramsey adds that the process is easy to incorporate into your morning or evening routine, and guarantees that it will keep a person’s underarm sweat problem away for the rest of their life.

Ramsey says he came up with the treatment approach after attending a seminar on natural health.

"The seminar actually didn’t have anything to do with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis," Ramsey said. "But what the speaker said got me to thinking and soon led to my discovery."

Like many others with hyperhidrosis, Ramsey first began suffering from it in high school and over the years has tried just about every treatment he could think of to get rid of it or at least keep it under control: from using dozens of different antiperspirants to applying antiperspirants several times a day to wearing undershirts to soak up the sweat before it reached his outer shirt to changing clothes several times a day to holding his arms up in the car so that they were aligned with the air conditioner vents to using a device that pushes electrical currents through the skin and much, much more.

"Nothing that I tried worked and I was about to give up hope when my wife and I attended that fateful seminar," Ramsey said. "After years of pain and struggle, using the method I created I was able to cure my excessive sweat problem naturally in just two weeks, and was finally able to start living worry-free again."

"This technique has proven to be highly practical, safe and effective and it’s worked quickly for me and for hundreds of other people who have read my ebook and tried it."

To learn more about Stop Sweating and Start Living and how you can get rid of excessive underarm sweat the safe and natural way, visit preventsweating.com, where the ebook is also available for purchase.


The Nutty Way To Lower Cholesterol Levels

Pistachios lower cholesterolWe are always being told that we should keep our cholesterol levels down, especially if we have high blood pressure or perhaps have had heart problems.

Here's what some new research has come up with - pistachio nuts!

Researchers found that snacking on pistachio nuts twice a day can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Tests were carried out at Pennsylvania State University where they compared cholesterol levels of three trial groups: those who snacked twice a day on the nuts, those who ate them once a day and those who had none. All three groups were put on a healthy diet.

The results showed that levels of low-density lipoprotein - LPL - (this is the bad type of cholesterol) dropped by 11.6% after a few weeks in those who had eaten two portions of pistachios twice a day.

Those who had just one helping a day saw their LPL levels drop by 3% but there was virtually no change with those who didn't include the pistachios in their diet.

Nuts in general help preventing the risk of several illnesses. It is thought that this is because of they are high in antioxidants.


How To Cook Vegan Meals

Vegan CookingHere's an ebook, 7 Minute Chef, for all vegans and it won't cost a fortune - just $4.99!

The author is Mark Reinfield and this is what the publisher has to say about the book:
"Brought to you by your friends at the Blossoming Lotus Restaurants, Mark has assembled the best vegan recipes from America's finest chefs, cooks and people just like you. Here you will discover the secrets to creating world class cuisine and a long, happy and healthy life. By following the guidelines clearly laid out in Volume 1 of the 7 MINUTE CHEF, you will experience results that last a lifetime."

As for the title, 7 Minute Chef, this is because:
"The inspiration behind 7 MINUTE CHEF is that by learning simple 7 minute techniques, you will have all the tools you need to create boundless culinary creations and a lifetime of healthy cuisine."

For more information on this Vegan Cook Book, please use this link: 7 Minute Chef


How To Build The Body You Want In 7 Minutes A Day

7 minute muscleGood Health Source: How about this! Build the body you want in just 7 minutes a day - guaranteed! Some claim, but this is what Jon Benson says he can do for you and it's for all sorts of people:
*The busy executive who can only squeeze in a few minutes a day to exercise!
*The frantic mom who still wants to keep in top shape even with the job and kids!
*The hard-core bodybuilders and muscleheads like me who are always looking for that edge!
*The beginners out there who do not want to start "in the middle" and waste time!
*The frustrated "no-gainers" out there who want to put an end to running in circles!
*The guys and gals who really want to tap into their highest mental state of performance!
*The athlete who need to train but also need to focus their energies on their sport!
*The super-busy college student who refuses to do the “Freshman 15!”
*Anyone, any age, any level—my System will work for you, 100% guaranteed!

Jon calls this his 7 Minute Muscle System and you can get more info plus two free gifts here.


Top Ten Penis Books

Top Ten Penis BooksThere are sometimes taboo subjects that people don't like to talk about. For some, one of these is the penis. There's a lot of mystery surrounding the subject from both a male and female perspective.

What we have done is to bring you a list of the top 10 Penis Books. Perhaps one, or some of these, might be able to answer any questions thet you may have.

Exercising the Penis:
How to Make Your Most Prized Organ Bigger,
Harder & Healthier

Tickle His Pickle:
Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing

A Mind of Its Own:
A Cultural History of the Penis

The Big Penis Book
The Penis Book
Penis Pokey
The Book of the Penis
Big Black Penis
Puppetry of the Penis:
The Ancient Australian Art of Genital Origami

The Penis Diet:
A Comprehensive Wellness Plan for
Man's Most Prized Possession

There is also an ebook available for men on the subject of penile enlargement. For full information use the following link: Enlarge Your Penis.


How To Shrink Uterine Fibroids

shrink fibroidsGood Health Source: If you suffer with fibroids perhaps this information may help.

Shola Oslo, a kinesiologist who specialises in female alternative health, has written a book which she says is 'to address the huge lack of knowledge out there about shrinking uterine fibroids without drugs, surgery or side effects.'

Her book, she says, "Teaches you which natural remedies are most powerful against fibroids, and how to use herbal remedies to tackle the root cause of uterine fibroids.

It's a simple 7 step action plan designed to help anyone with fibroids to relieve their symptoms fast, and regain their quality of life."

If you would like more information on the subject of fibroids and shrinking uterine fibroids please go to Shola's website stopfibroids.com, where she tells of 'How To Shrink Uterine Fibroids By Up To 86%... Without Drugs, Surgery Or Harmful Side-Effects' .

There are testimonials on her website such as this one from AK, Idaho:

"I had 3 fibroids which had gotten so big over the past 6 years, they started to press down on my bladder, making me want to pee all the time.

I was scheduled for surgery in 4 months, and wanted to try alternative remedies. I thought if I could reduce the fibroids after 3 months, I'd cancel the surgery.

I followed your advice religiously, and was confident it was working, as I felt so much better. I even lost 21 pounds!

A month before the surgery was due, I asked for a checkup and all 3 fibroids were gone."


How To Remove Moles, Warts And Skin Tags

Good Health Source: Problems with moles, warts or skin tags? Then Chris Gibson may well have the answer.

Chris writes: "I know that what I am about to reveal to you can be almost impossible to believe. But it is 100% truth!

I am about to let you in on the little secrets that permanently removed my unsightly moles and warts, without any harsh medical procedures or painful over-the-counter products, and changed my life forever.

I'll show you the fast and easy way to get rid of your stubborn skin moles, warts, plantar warts, genital warts, and even skin tags, so you too can get out there and LIVE your life... without the fear and health risks they present..."

The Birmingham Times said about Chris:
"This author (Chris Gibson) has written several books on alternative health and wellness approaches. He says we should not just accept moles, warts, or skin tags when we don't have to, especially if they are in a painful place or just plain painful to look at. Chris shares about his own personal experiences of trying to have them removed with mainstream procedures 90% of the population uses without long-term results. He also provides us with his findings to an ALL NATURAL program to permanently remove moles, warts, or skin tags. This book is informative and easy to understand. The methods Chris recommends are simple, effective, and easy to follow. It is good to know there is a natural solution to these nagging little problems."

For more information on how to remove moles, warts and skin tags please go to Chris's website: molewartremoval.


How To Massage Your Partner

Couples Massage SecretsDid you know that you can become a master of PFM - Partner Focused Massage? Well that is what Michael Tatzber writes.

Michael says, "The system you are about to learn will teach you how to be the best massager for your partner. It will actually take you and your partner on a secret journey, a journey through your bodies and your relationship. An adventure that will never end."

Michael has written an ebook all about Couples Massage Secrets . He writes:

"Becoming a master in PFM is easy. You don't need to spend time and money taking expensive massage courses. You don't have to learn anatomy or physiology, although it's not disadvantage to know about it. All you do is to learn the massage techniques that your partner likes best. Nothing can be simpler.

There is no other program that enables you to start with your partner massage right away. From finding the right location to setting up the right ambience. You will see results straight away."

If you want to be able to massage your partner, or anyone else, today the full information on Couples Massage Secrets can be found here.

Massage for adultsThere is also another ebook about massage by Mindy Zhu. Mindy writes: Discover everything about massage therapy, how anyone can give a phenomenal massage like a professional.

In her book you will learn about:

*Giving great massages to adults.
*Pregnant women massage and
*Self massage etc.

For details of Mindy's ebook Please click here.


Lose Weight With Slim.com

Lose weight and get paidSlim.com is a website where you receive special incentives to lose weight! The site gives you $50 gift cards when you use Slim.com to lose weight! And you can start by becoming a free member.

Is it really free?
Anyone who signs up gets instant access to Slim.com's network tools, food and exercise logs, interest groups, and more!

How does it work?
Slim.com exists to help people reach their fitness goals. We do this by encouraging members to interact to form support network relationships and keep track of their personal food and exercise. Slim.com makes it as easy as possible for you to make these connections using the power of the internet.

Sign up and other info here


Increase Your Height: How To Grow Taller

How to grow tallerHere is a system that claims that it is possible to increase your height permanently in weeks.

The website heightchallenged.com write:
"Did you know that it was possible to grow taller using nothing but simple exercise techniques, adequate nutrition, and the diligence to stick to an easy plan for a short amount of time?

Almost no one knows that this is possible. That’s because up until now, there has been almost nothing but maddeningly false information circulating both online and offline.

But devote just about a half an hour a day and you will be floored at the permanent
gains in height that you will see. Permanent height that you will have for the rest of your life!"

The website say that they have already helped more than 1,200 men and women to grow anywhere from one to four inches in just a few weeks.

For more information on how to grow taller please go to heightchallenged.com


How Grace Cured Her Cold Sore In 3 Days Naturally

cold sore cureGrace Melgarejo is a woman who says that she suffered from cold sores for twelve years and nothing seemed to work until, that is, she, "... finally found a different and effective solution to this common problem. Amazingly, it was all-natural, very inexpensive, and easy to implement."

She goes on to say, "After only 3 days, imagine my excitement when I woke up and made the slow walk to my bathroom mirror and ... it (the cold sore) was completely gone."

Grace has written a book (also as an ebook) called Cold Sore Freedom in 3 Days™: How I Safely Cured My Cold Sores For Life.

For further information about Grace's book and her Cold Sore (or Herpes Simplex Type I) cure please click here.


How To Get Six Pack Abs

Discover How to Quickly And Easily
Firm And Flatten Your Abs,
Even If You've Been Overweight
Or Out Of Shape For Years!
by David Grisaffi

If you would like to shrink your waistline, lose belly fat and sculpt 'six pack' abs - and you want to do it fast - then this will be the most important message you will ever read. Here's why:

How To Get 6 Pack AbsA small personal training and fitness publishing company from Tacoma, Washington (Personal Fitness Development, Inc), has finally decided to publish a full length e-book about how to lose body fat and flatten your abs using the scientifically-proven and field-tested methods of athletes, strength coaches and physical therapists.

Here are some of the amazing facts you will learn when you read this exciting and revealing new book:
*How to sculpt a great-looking, sexy set of six pack abs while also improving the strength and natural function of your abs

*42 gut-busting exercises with 125 photographs so you can see the exact body positioning and technique (bad form on abdominal exercises causes many injuries. That's why you need to see this, not just read about it)

*Why proper abdominal training can rid you of back pain forever and improper abdominal training can actually make your back pain worse than ever

*The Facts About Machine training: Doing a circuit or machine-only training and not getting results? Read the shocking truth about those ab machines in your local gym and find out what the health club salespeople won't tell you!

*HOW MANY REPS you need to develop your abs - and why 99% of all exercisers (even advanced bodybuilders and athletes) completely screw this up

*How often you should train your abs… including the ONLY way you can train your abs every day without overtraining (Not one bodybuilder or athlete in a thousand even suspects the potency of this simple schedule adjustment)

*Torso Track, Ab slide, Ab Doer and Ab wheels - do they live up to the hype?

*The 15 most important nutrition secrets for losing fat so you can see your abs as quickly as possible - Diet is half the battle - if your abs stay covered up with a layer of whale-like blubber, you'll never see them!

And that's just a tiny fraction of what you'll learn in this information dense guidebook to a leaner, firmer waistline and a great set of abs.

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How Affirmations Promote Vibrant Health and Well-Being

How Affirmations Promote Vibrant Health and Well-Being
by Jeff Staniforth

Health affirmationsWhenever someone speaks of healing through affirmations, many people dismiss it as esoteric - or even nonsense - and they tend to not take it seriously. However, there exist volumes of scientific evidence that affirmations are an effective approach to healing and the achievement of vibrant health. They have even been shown to promote regeneration and rejuvenation of the body.

Dr. Carl Simonton of the Cancer Counseling and Research Center in Fortworth, Texas, reports on breakthrough studies that use self-suggestion (a form of affirmations) in treating disease. "We think people are now beginning to realize how much the mind and the physical body are intertwined... We know that the same pathways that are used to transmit negative things, like cancer growth, can also be used to transmit positive things that can eventually restore a person to health".

How do affirmations promote health and effect healing?

Illness starts in the mind. When you change unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with positive affirmations, you also change the energy that flows to your physical body from your etheric body, chakras, and through your energy meridians.

Your etheric body is the human subtle energy field - one of the layers of the aura believed to permeate all living things. Think of it as a blueprint of what is in your cellular structure - a blueprint that reveals your state of health (or ill health) --and gives an indication of conditions that often have not yet manifested in your physical body.

The spoken word, such as a power affirmation, elicits a strong recuperative response in the etheric body - a healing energy that permeates to the physical body, causing healing to occur. Affirmations are powerful instruments that influence both mental and emotional patterns, which are held in the etheric field. The more frequently a healing affirmation is repeated throughout the day, the more effective it is in carrying out healing.

Following are power affirmations you can use to help heal, regenerate, and regenerate your body - and foster radiant health. As I've mentioned in the previous issues of this newsletter, choose the affirmations that feel appropriate to you -- those that resonate with you, or strike an emotional chord. It is important that the words feel comfortable to you and are in line with who you are. Feel free to create one for your specific need by substituting other words that have special meaning to you:

* I am perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit.
* I am well, I am whole, and I am strong and healthy.
* I am healthy, and full of energy and vitality.
* All the cells of my body are daily bathed in the perfection of my divine being.
* I am healthy, happy and radiant.
* I radiate good health.
* My body is a safe and pleasurable place for me to be.
* My sleep is relaxed and refreshing.
* I have all the energy I need to accomplish my goals and to fulfill my desires.
* God's love heals me and makes me whole.
* My body is healed, restored and filled with energy.

There are many ways to use your chosen affirmation. You can recite it aloud to yourself repeatedly, or you may want to write it down repeatedly. The key is to repeat it over and over again throughout the day. Repeating your affirmation reprograms your subconscious mind to accept these thoughts as reality, and ultimately create changes in your life that will manifest this new inner reality.

TIP: Did you know that 19th century French professor and Master Hypnotist, Emile Coue, used one specific affirmation to heal hundreds of patients in Europe and North America? To learn what that specific affirmation is, click here and scroll down to the first blue box.

While you're there, discover how affirmations have gone 'high tech' - and how you can now use your computer for just 10 minutes a day to manifest anything you want in life. Go to: website.

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Special Note... Please do not use the any of the information supplied in this article to diagnose, or treat a health problem or disease. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, please contact your health care professional, and only then work with the affirmation techniques in partnership with your health care professional.

Appeared in Affirmation For The Mind newsletter.
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Self Hypnosis Can Help Your Health

Hypnosis, self-hypnosis that is, is said to be able to help with many ailments such as: giving up smoking, improving sex drive, diabetes, DVT, increasing metabolism, morning sickness, bed wetting, weight loss, dyslexia, concentration, panic attacks, stress, anorexia, sexual pleasure and ... well there are hundreds of things.

You can find most of these on the Self Hypnosis To Change Your Life website. Steve G. Jones runs this site and he is a graduate of the University of Florida and is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Paralinear Downloads are available for only $4.99 each. This means it doesn't cost much to find out what self hypnosis is all about and whether it can help you.


Wave Insomnia Goodnight

Sleep Tracks: Wave Insomnia GoodnightHere's a claim by a gentleman called Yan Muckle about how to cure insomnia.

This is a very small part of what he writes, "... a few simple changes can be all you need to break insomnia's vicious circle and restore your sleep. I also developed an extremely powerful way to get there faster, even if you've had insomnia for most of your life, and basically tried everything.

But don't take my word for it. Go ahead, answer the 7 questions and see for yourself how you too can regain peaceful sleep. Yes, it's possible, even for you."

The 7 questions are on his website and this leads to more insomnia information, testimonials and a video. Just click on the 7 questions link to go to his website.


The Causes And Cure Of Tinnitus

The causes of tinnitus are endless and it can be hard to identify the exact problem. It is difficult to measure tinnitus because it is usually only heard by the person suffering from it. Unless, that is, you are dealing with objective tinnitus which is when the doctor can also hear the annoying buzzing or ringing sound. There are a number of tests that they can perform but your best bet is to discover what the cause of your tinnitus is, then it will be easier to cure or at least help.

The first thing to consider when diagnosed with tinnitus is whether it is subjective tinnitus or objective tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus is a much more common than the objective form. Objective tinnitus only affects few people compared to subjective tinnitus. If you have a ringing, roaring, buzzing, or swooshing sound in your inner ear and your doctor cannot hear with a professional instrument then you have subjective tinnitus. If your doctor can hear the buzzing or ringing coming through his listening device then it is objective tinnitus.

Subjective tinnitus is the most common form of tinnitus and is usually the one of the two that is less serious. The most common cause of the subjective form of tinnitus is hearing loss due to the aging process. If the inner ear has had extensive exposure to loud speakers or equipment the hearing loss could set in at a younger age.

Tinnitus usually sets in around fifty or sixty. The age that tinnitus sets in is dependent upon the amount of trauma the inner ear has endured over the duration of your life. If the trauma to the inner ear has been extensive and in excess, then the tinnitus that accompanies hearing loss may set in at a younger age. If tinnitus does set in at a younger age there is a possibility that it could be something more serious.

Loud noises are a cause for a large percentage of people suffering from tinnitus. This is why it is recommended to wear earplugs while working around loud obtrusive noises, attending loud concerts, or surrounding you with other traumatic noises.

A cure of Tinnitus?

Cure For Tinnitus Geoff BarkerTinnitus researcher, Geoff Barker, writes, "What if I told you there was a simple, easy way to stop that ringing in your ears and finally listen to NOTHING!"

He continues by telling how he, "tested over 60 different treatments that are supposed to help Tinnitus. I devoted 2 years to my research."

And do you know what I found? I found 11 brilliant techniques that drastically helped reduce and completely stop the ringing in my ears.

I tested these secret techniques on 40 people who also had Tinnitus. (My subjects were aged between 19 and 76, both male and female)

After 2 weeks I checked the results. Of the 40 subjects 32 reported that their Tinnitus symptoms had either stopped, or been drastically reduced, the other 8 reported a slight improvement stating that the ringing noises happened less frequently."

Geoff now helps people with tinnitus on his website CureForTinnitus.com where you will find more information about his techniques.


How To Become A Fit Yummy Mummy Review

Fit Yummy Mummy Review by Lisa Jameson


What Is It?

This lifestyle program for busy moms is a comprehensive guide to what’s arguably the most widespread, challenging and frustrating issue faced by moms today: how to get their pre-baby body back. For almost all mothers the changes their bodies incur during pregnancy coupled with the countless responsibilities that motherhood bring spell trouble for regaining their pre-pregnancy figure.

Be A Fit Yummy MummyThere is no shortage of fitness, diet and fat loss products on the market today. You can find a veritable library of conflicting arguments almost anywhere you choose to seek information on the subject of fitness for women, whether it’s online, at your local library, through contact with personal trainers, or through the (less reputable but nevertheless very common) ranks of wannabe experts: aka, those frustrating people with no qualifications and no practical experience but are self professed experts because they ready the last issue of Shape magazine.

What Sets This Product Apart?

After months of frustration spent trawling through the mass of conflicting information on fitness and fat loss, it was with a mixture of joy and near-tearful relief that I stumbled across Fit Yummy Mummy, by Holly Rigsby. As the title suggests, this product is specifically for moms wanting to get fit. Literally all aspects of losing fat and getting fit are covered – and the best part is that it is written specifically for busy moms. The material is presented in a manner both chatty and educational – it’s kind of like having a friendly conversation with a close friend that happens to be a fitness expert (with the added benefit of being able to refresh your understanding of the matter at any given time, simply by scrolling back to the relevant section!)

The tone of the book presents a welcome contrast to the other fitness products so freely available elsewhere on the Net: it’s friendly, understanding of the unique situations moms face, informative, and above all, commonsensical. No unrealistic recommendations, 2 hour workouts, or zero-carb diets here: it doesn’t take long to see that this lady knows what she’s talking about when it comes to mom’s lifestyles (and did I mention she’s a mom too?)

What’s Actually Included?

There’s a quick section on getting started and goal setting along with some morale-boosting advice on how to stay on track throughout the program, and then it’s straight into an action plan to get you started on the path to burning baby fat and getting your body back.

The Supportive Nutrition Plan is next – this is particularly helpful! Every conceivable nutrition issue is covered, from how often you should eat to what you should keep in your pantry. And on top of that, it includes a ‘Create a Menu Planner’ to guide you in creating every meal to support your success.

Holly Rigsby Yummy Mummy authorNext, the Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss workouts are covered, but not without easy to follow explanations of the why’s and the how’s for every part of the workout program. The workout plan even offers four different formats that you can plug into your lifestyle, something not found in any of the cookie cutter fat loss programs on the market. My favorite part of the workout section is that regardless of your exercise (or lack of exercise) background, there is a workout designed specifically for you. And no matter what you fitness level is, none of the workout programs require more than 90 minutes a week.

Finally, there’s a section called the Busy Mom’s Fat Loss Companion crammed with easy to use tools and resources like a goal setting sheet, fitness journal, exercise descriptions and even a ready made grocery list. The author has figured out every excuse and obstacle busy moms have and addressed them all.

Just Because It’s Detailed Doesn’t Mean It’s Confusing

Sound overwhelming? It’s actually very user-friendly. Not only is this e-book packed with sound practical advice and the whole thing is laid out in a very logical and easy-to-understand format, but it comes with a Quick Start Guide to make sure you start acting (and seeing results) fast. The tone of Fit Yummy Mummy light and non-threatening (no scientific terminology here!) and it proceeds in a logical manner from step to step, with plenty of photos and descriptions to ensure that you are doing everything right.


In my opinion, one of the best parts: a follow up e-mail coaching series from the author that keeps you on track, gives you daily fitness tips and even healthy recipes. While most moms have the best of intentions, staying on track is tough. This follow up e-mail coaching series is the perfect solution.

The Verdict

Regaining their pre-pregnancy body is a daunting task for most moms, but the author’s personal experience and hands on work with over 250 moms is pretty reassuring; and she certainly knows how to break it down for even the most exercise illiterate. In addition to the main features detailed above, there are plenty of valuable extras included to make getting your pre-baby body back as easy as possible: checklists, do’s and don’ts, printable workout sheets, even ready to follow meal plans!

All in all, two thumbs up from me: when the information on hand is as detailed, easy to absorb, and - above all – as reliable as Fit Yummy Mummy, you really can’t go wrong.


How Over 65's Can Lose Weight, Build Muscle And Improve Flexibility

Senior citizens improved healthScientists have found a way for the over 65's to lose weight, build muscle and improve their flexibility.

It's all about having a sugary drink, such as Lucozade, followed by some form of gentle exercise and then having a protein drink or a protein rich meal.

Scientists did a study on 80 senior citizens. They were divided up into groups. Some had to exercise more than others while the rest had to have Lucozade prior to exercising followed by a protein supplement.

All of the group got fitter and healthier but those who had actually had less exercise, but had taken the Lucozade and the protein drink as specified, had the greatest improvement.

Researchers believe that strenuous exercise helps the young but is not suitable for older people. They gain better benefits from gentle exercise, if preceded by a sugary drink and with protein afterwards. It is thought that this is because of changes in hormone levels and the immune system as we age.

It's never too late to start exercising, with a Doctor's approval.

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